Monday, January 5, 2015

"POSTCARDS TO MY FAIRY GODMOTHER" my new Blog celebrating Maybelline's 100th Birthday.

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If you read my book, The Maybelline Story and want to know more about what happened after the book ended, my new Blog, "Postcards to my Fairy Godmother," will surely answer in a most amusing almost addictive way many questions.

 In this ultra-fun over the top narrative, my story unfolds in a diary written to my Fairy Godmother... hoping she'll make my dreams come true...

Like Cinderella, I eventually come out of the ashes of my past and into a life I never dreamed possible.   In the beginning I'm a real Material Girl times +10, who only sees value in life as money, property and prestige.

 But, with the help of my Fairy Godmother, or perhaps my own conscience, I eventually grow up and discovers the real meaning of true wealth...which is love and a healthy Spirit.

Over the years, I discover I have a brain and the ability to make my own dreams come true... Well, maybe with a little help from the Stardust my Fairy Godmother sprinkles on my life... but, surely it does happen and It's a real crazy ride, one you won't want to miss.  



I turned 20 in 1967 and was a contestant on a T.V. show called "Dream Girl". As usual, I lost to a brunette who was a "That Girl" Marlo Thomas look alike... while I came in second in my long blond wig, mini skirt and white vinyl boots. I was a copy of Nancy Sinatra, singing "These boots are made for walking," but the judge, William Shatner, "Captain Kirk, from Star Trec," chose the Marlo look alike over the Sinatra look alike.

I was pretty much a living doll on the outside but a sad little confused girl on the inside, looking for the love and approval I needed to feel good about myself. I had lost connection with the real Sharrie, and was now just a puppet, or a pawn used by who ever, and the major who ever seemed to be Nana. continued at

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