Tuesday, October 13, 2015

White Eyeliner a fashion trend by Maybelline New York was introduced in the 1960s

Maybelline New York: Trends To Try

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Ancient Egyptian women and men
 wearing kohl eyeliner, from the tomb of

My cousin Linda Hughes, Maybelline's namesake, Mabel Williams, granddaughter, and I were discussing the origins of Maybelline Eyeliner.  She did a little research and it turns out our great uncle, Tom Lyle Williams, founder of the Maybelline Company was on top of the trends even in the 1920s, when the discovery ofTutankhamun's tomb introduced the use of eyeliner to the Western world.   Maybelline was the first to package it and the love for colored eyeliner continued to  grow since Maybelline's birth in 1915.

 By the 1960s,  an era associated with many changes     
 in women's fashion, young girls felt freer to apply           
 makeup more liberally. Twiggy once said the secret to    
her exaggerated eyelashes was the Maybelline mascara
 that had bits of hair in it, thickening and lengthening         
her famous lashes.                                                     

I'm going to try the white pencil on my eyes 
and see what I think

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