Monday, December 14, 2015

Powerful Custom Automobiles made Maybelline Founder King of the road

Tom Lyle Williams at the Villa Valentino,  standing next to his 1940 Packard Victoria.

HIs 1934 Dietrich Packard, leader of the pack.

My grandmother, Evelyn Williams, (Nana,) with my dad, Bill Williams and Tom Lyle with his life-partner, Emery Shaver, sitting on the running board in 1934



His 1926 Gold Bug Speedster Kissel
 1926 Kissel,
Here is a picture of Tom Lyle's sister, Mabel Williams.....Maybelline's namesake.....with her new husband, Chet Hewes, on their wedding day, in 1926. The Newlywed's are posing next to Tom Lyle's new yellow 1926 Kissel.  Tom Lyle,  eventually, gave this car to his partner Emery Shaver, who in turn, gave it to Tom Lyle Jr. in 1932, when TL Jr, was a student and captain of the football team, at Duke University. 


His 1916 Paige Detroit,"the most beautiful car in America."

Tom Lyle Williams, 1915

Tom Lyle bought his first car in the Fall of 1916, customised the wheels and fish tailed the back end.


His custom 1923 Packard Sport
 Touring Car

Tom Lyle Williams on the left, his partner Emery Shaver sitting on the ground. Emery's sister Elizibeth, his brother Bud, TL's  sister Eva, (in black,) and her husband  Ches Haines.

Tom Lyle's brother Noel J. is on the far right, while their sister, Eva, is the second lady on the left.

Read more about Tom Lyle Williams, Maybelline and the Williams family in The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It.

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