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Top 5 Cars that are Perfect for Modification

My Brother Preston with the 1969 Porsche 911E
Here is one of the special cars my father owned.  It had been modified for street use, because the motor was made for a race car owned by his cousin Bill Stroh.  Below I've posted an article about 5 cars that can me modified to add horsepower. Thought you'd enjoy the ride.      Read more

All of the pistons and rings were forged by hand out of aluminum, as well as many other parts to be extra light weight, everything about this motor was designed for ultimate performance and many races. this was no ordinary car" 

When my father bought the car it had to be tuned down a bit, to make it safe for the road.  The car had a specialized breaking system to support the high speeds.  The suspension was modified as well all to make it fast and safe.  Best of all it looked original. 

Top 5 Cars that are Perfect for Modification

Not so long ago, 0-60 times in the sub 6-second region were surely the domain of supercars that came with a hyper-costly price tag. These days, you can get a sub $30k sedan that will do that. It’s likely this kind of performance is not quite enough for you though, so we’ve put together a list that comprises the 10 best everyday automobiles that are easy to modify and by doing so, they can be metamorphosed into dream cars.

These cars are popular and they are popular for very good reason. They’re all solid performers and they witness a huge amount of aftermarket support, too. And there’s another good thing – even if speed isn’t so much your thing, there are tons of dress-up items in the shops for them as well.

 Image result for Dodge Caliber SRT4

5. Dodge’s Caliber SRT-4

It may not be quite the heart flutterer that its predecessor was, but with its bargain-basement cost and its 300 horsepower, turbocharged engine, it’s certainly a worthy contender on this list.This represents a Gen-Y muscle car, and comes with an obscenely powerful engine, a budget chassis, and a 0-60 time which only a rocket from an RPG can match. Modification: The Caliber SRT-4 most certainly could use a limited slip differential. The 300 horsepower engine whacks all its power to the front wheels, and these front wheels fully determine in which direction the car will go.

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4. Subaru WRX

There’s really nothing not to like about a turbocharged sedan that’s rally-bred and comes with a 0-60 time that’s sub 6-seconds. Yet, the car has room for five.

Although. when it first hit the scene back in 2000, the face was not at all attractive, but very rapidly it became established as the rally driver’s go-to-ride, which of course appeals to the lads who love to go fast. Modification: The 2009 version of the WRX has 41 horsepower more than its otherwise identical predecessor. With the older ’08 model, a first step is to tune the ROM, together with the turbo-back exhaust. Those with the newer and slightly more powerful WRX, might wish to stiffen the chassis with a solid set of coilovers.

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3. Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart

The Lancer Evolution, Mitsubishis’ latest offering, is bigger in power, size, capability, refinement, and also on price. It would be nice to save on a bit of cash and get the Evo IX MR, but the problem is the honing damage can be rather frightening. Thus, it’s wise to plump with the latest Lancer Ralliart.

It’s got the same drivetrain as the Evo X minus a differential, same engine, minus 54 horsepower, and it’s got paddle-shift dual clutch transmission, but here, it’s minus the S-Sport mode. On the racetrack, the Evo X would greatly outperform the Ralliart, but on the street, both vehicles feel very alike.

The Ralliart is a super car at a super price, and an intelligent Ralliart owner can happily invest in the lighter Evo X parts to make their alterations. Modification: It’s a very balanced car, is the Lancer Ralliart, and perhaps it’s unwise to carry out any modification that may impact this balance. However, tuners such as GST and AMS are enjoying horsepower gains of over 30 horsepower with nothing other than a ROM tune. Thus, it’s sensible to begin there.


2. Volkswagen GTi

Still one of the very best, it’s the original hot hatch. The sport-tuned Golf has experienced an extremely loyal following for the past number of decades, and the auto’s popularity is as strong now as it ever was. The GTi in North America is not quite the newest, but it still has the 200 horsepower, 2.0-liter turbocharged four.  Modification: The current GTi, just like its predecessors, responds particularly positively to an ECU tune. It’s a simplistic and cheap modification, while the dynamo charts demonstrate that the upgrade provides huge horsepower as well as torque gains through the rev band.


1. Honda Civic Si

With the new Civic Si’s 197 horsepower, 2.0-liter engine, it’s the most energetic Civic to have been sold in the U.S. Further, it comes with one of the top 6-speed manual transmissions around, a very nicely balanced chassis, and an LSD option. Modification: It’s going to be a costly business to get any more power out of the naturally-aspirated K20.
So, get rid of the stock headlights and instead swap them for HID Kits and LED headlights from someplace like Next, get some stickier tires and you’ll very likely love the look and the performance.

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