Thursday, March 31, 2016

"In the Ring with Cancer" my new blog documents my cousin Chuck Williams, BB1's fight with liver Cancer.

I've done many Blog posts about my infamous cousin Chuck Williams, known as BB1, because of his "Number one Fan" proclamation from Mike Love, of the "Beach Boys." He also ran the Santa Barbara Bowl, in the 70's and 80's, where he produced many Beach Boys concerts as well as many other well know rock bands.
Chuck Williams, BB1, Mike Love

BB1, is also known for being a "real car guy," owning many beautiful award winning automobiles and by his connection with Speed Vegas, a premiere car racing track just opening in Las Vegas. Racing is a hobby, but the love of his beautiful Pebble Beach Concours winning cars, is his passion.

Chuck Williams, BB1, Mike Love, Bruce Johnston, Beach Boys
I spent many hours writing my book, The Maybelline Story, at his beautiful home in Santa Barbara and we have always supported each other reaching our dreams.  So when Chuck, BB1, was diagnosed with liver Cancer last month, I decided to document his blow by blow experience on a Blog called
"In the Ring with Cancer."  Now everyone can check in and Cheer for him as he battles to hold the world title, "The Greatest," next to Muhammad Ali, his all time idol.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Only Superman can survive what lies ahead for BB1 and his fight with Cancer.

BB1 whips out his Superman - Man of Steal cape, after a telephone call about his upcoming Cancer Treatment. "It will change me" he said, "I feel confused, but I'm going to fight."  So, in the ring he goes with his deadly opponent.

The disturbing news was: They may get into the liver and find it's worse than expected. They may decide to take the tumor out, but he may still need a Liver Transplant. Chuck doesn't want to go in that direction. But, knows he has to do what ever it takes to beat Cancer.

One of the main questions asked by the Doctor, before being accepted for a possible Liver Transplant was, "How do you think you contacted Hep C?

When BB1 was a 15 year old kid, in 1964 he and a couple of buddies were in his friends garage making a pipe bomb to pull a prank, and it accidentally exploded in his face. Anyone else would have had their head blown off, but with quick reflexes, he turned his head and the metal hit and lodged in his chin. Blood was flying everywhere. The car windows were blown out. But, BB1 was still standing!

Wrapped in a sheet around his head he drove himself back home where his mother took one look at the blood and rushed him to the hospital. That's where the Hep C came. It was about the blood and though there was no transfusion, something happened that might not have happened today.  It sat dormant until 1999, when BB1 took a major fall and broke his ankle. After tests were made, the Hep C appeared. For the last 16 years he's had scans to test the liver with no bad results.  In September, the cirrhosis had turned to Cancer. Now only Superman can survive what lies ahead.

Stay tuned for more details BB1, fights for his life. Can he beat death? Can he come out holding the World Title? Will he hold the belt over his head?  Like the Beach Boys song goes,  "God only knows."
 Listen to Chuck, BB1, and Sharrie, discussing The Maybelline Story, on the radio, in Santa Barbara.

Check out my archives on the side column to find more Blog posts about Chuck Williams, BB1.

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