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The Most Sought-After Nose Proportions. Maybelline Eyes may be the mirror of the Soul, but the nose impacts self-esteem and balances the face

me with my baby girl
My mother prayed that her four kids would be born with cute little noses. She never liked her nose after she'd been in a car accident and a bump remained. All her kids were blessed with little turned up noses that didn't require any alteration. But, if my nose hadn't been so perfect I would have visited a plastic surgeon and perhaps  chosen a famous nose, like the ones shown here.

Though the nose might not get quite the same amount of attention that other body parts do, a well-formed nose can help to maintain the proportions of the face while avoiding any distraction caused by other features. Those of us who were born with a not-so-perfect nose – it might be large, droopy, crooked, or misshapen in general – understand well enough how that can impact self-esteem as well as throw the overall facial balance well and truly off.

This list includes ladies’ noses that are frequently requested in rhinoplasty offices and plastic surgery centers in general.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry’s is one of the most popular of nose “styles.” Experts in the field say that this is because of her noses’ strong profile, while the tip aids in the preservation of her ethnicity and yet is softly elegant. Furthermore, Ms. Berry’s nose is less angular and contemporary, and it appears particularly natural.

Natalie Portman


It’s no surprise that Natalie Portman’s nose is at the top of the list of the most-requested noses that women want. Your nose is among the first things that people see as soon as they look at your face, while it’s very important in terms of an overall facial balance. An expertly conducted rhinoplasty will work to subtly enhance the facial features as well as to restore facial accord.

Kate Middleton

Member of the British Royal family Kate Middleton has a near-perfect nose with its rounded tip and straightened structure. The reasons that people seek rhinoplasty vary depending on gender and age. For men, frequently they want hump reduction, where for women, they seek tip refinement. The most common nasal concerns equate to noses that are too big or too long, twisted or crooked, thick tipped or out of balance.


Kate Beckinsale


Ms. Beckinsale’s nose is perfectly angled and entirely free of irregularities or bumps. Bumps occur whenever the cartilage is uneven which then causes the bridge to appear high in some area and also prevents the smoothness of transition from one particular area to the next. Often, with bumps, the nose may look like it starts at the bump, and that can be at a point halfway down. The cartilage that is responsible for the creation of bumps is easy to remove surgically, while if not overly severe, the bone can still be left intact.

Angelina Jolie

What better way could there be to top those gorgeously sumptuous lips than by having the most perfectly rotated nose which blends thoroughly seamlessly with the remainder of Ms. Jolie’s face? Prior to going in for surgery, your specialist will probably provide you with a digital image that shows you how the alterations will appear after surgery. Ultimately, the goal will likely be to generate a sense of facial symmetry as opposed to making a particular feature overtly prominent in such a way that it is competing with other facial features.

Scarlett Johansson


You may have a low bridge nose that somewhat resembles a miniature ski slope, and in which case, you’ll be lacking the full structure that Scarlett Johansson has. Nevertheless, in this case, a nose job of a nonsurgical nature, whereby fillers are injected inside the nose, can work to fill out the depressed areas and thus craft a more balanced look. Though these results will call for repeat injections, they will provide a preview of the type of results you would achieve when undergoing more permanent nose surgery.

Charlize Theron

Ms. Theron has a beautiful nose which offers the right proportions of volume at the very tip. Making reparations to a bulbous nose tip that can appear as if there’s a ball attached to the end, is seen as among the most challenging of cosmetic nasal surgeries since the skin may not take to the renewed shape. This in turn makes it difficult to anticipate what the final result will be. Whilst undertaking this complex surgery, the surgeon will either add more cartilage to provide more definition and support or narrow the cartilage.

Jessica Alba

To play down those slight imperfections like that of a relatively wide nose, makeup can of course do wonders. Highlighting over the bridge and contouring to the sides can help to generate a smaller-looking nose such as Jessica Alba’s. Should your nose be a little wide, make an application of darker shades to both sides and over the length of your nose. Next, you can draw more attention to the bridge with the application of a centralized lighter shade.

To learn how your nose can be improved, get in touch with the Becker Rhinoplasty Center

I'm always talking about Maybelline Eyes, but what about the nose!!! What are the most popular noses girls come to Plastic Surgeons to copy. As if you care right. But after judging Miss OC last night, I realize just how much young girls in the Pageant World seek perfection. So I did a little research. Here are the most sought after noses in the beauty world. what do you think. Would you ever consider having a nose job to reach perfection or are you happy with what God has given you. That and a little Maybelline Mascara.

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