Monday, May 2, 2016

My makeover at Jean Seo's Evolue Beauty in Beverly Hills with Celebrity Makeup artist Etienne Ortega and Celebrity hair stylist Jin Bang

It doesn't get much better than spending the afternoon with Jean Seo, owner of the celebrity skin care salon, Evolue and her staff. Including Celebrity makeup artist, Etienne Ortega and celebrity hair styling, Jin Bang. This is what I call FUN...especially growing up with everything Maybelline.

Signing a copy of my book The Maybelline Story for Jean Soe, at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, where Movie Stars and Hollywood celebrities hobnob,is my cup of tea.  Growing up in Culver City, close to the old MGM Studio's, I hoped to be discovered by a talent scout.  Now I'm content soaking up the Stardust and and be pampered like a Mogul, while waiting for some good news about my TV series, being pitched by my agent Italia Gandolfo and my producer, Marie D. Jones.

 It's not everyday I get a new "do" by Celebrity Stylist, Jin Bang, who has taught cutting edge styling techniques in over 75 cities across North America, New York to Los Angeles, and in European cities such as London and Barcelona. His clients include Demi Lovato, Chris Humpries (NBA) and Kim Kardashian. Jin is a master at creating original looks. I was going for Old Hollywood!

broadcast with my publicist Michelle Arbeau
 and Jin Bang.

My sister Donna Williams and I had our makeup done by One of the top 5 makeup artists in the world, Etienne Ortega, best known for creating Christina Arguilera's makeup on "The Voice," and Kim Kardashian and her family on "Keeping up with the Kardashians." 

Etienne Ortega, my friend Tama Wali and I after my makeover. Etienne is working on a new lipstick brand and writing a beauty book. He asked me if I'd be interested in being included in the book..."Yes Please."  Tama Wali is an international Bikram Yoga Teacher, dress and bag designer and finishing her Therapist Private Practice license. 

Photo shoot with my sister Donna and our new makeup artist Etienne Ortega and hair stylist, Jin Bang at the Evolue Studio

Etienne Ortega, Jean Soe, Jin Bang and Sharrie Williams

After the photo shoot, we grabbed an Uber van and headed around the corner to the Beverly Wilshire.

 The Lobby of the Beverly Wilshire, Etienne Ortega
 in the background.

Our A-Team of creative like minded people enjoyed wine,  hor d oeuvres and a couple hours of lively conversation. 

Etienne Ortega holding up, Publicist, Michelle Arbeau's best selling book, "Soul Numbers." Michelle is sought after, Celebrity Numerologist, broadcaster and professional speaker. 

Busy signing copies of The Maybelline Story at the table with Jean Seo.

Signing Etienne's book, while giving my two cent on his new cosmetic line.  After all I was "Born with It."

                     Eva Longoria Makeup Tutorial with Etienne Ortega

                      Makeup contouring with Etienne Ortega 

Check out the skin products by Jean Seo at her Beverly Hills Studio. I have most of it, but my favorite's are... resurfacing grains... reverse time serum... hydrating serum and exotic oil for the face.  Jean's clients include Hollywood's most beautiful Stars...

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