Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Maybelline turned sweet mother into a Pin Up Girl

Evelyn remarked to Pauline that she needed a little make-over.  She took her by the hand into the bedroom and closed the door.  Bill screamed at his mother to stop, "I like like the way she looks," he said, "She's only 15 for darn sakes." but his mother proceeded to the lock the door.

 Pauline emerged from Evelyn's silk covered bedroom, which held an enormous dressing table filled with Maybelline products and an enormous round mirror lit up like a Movie Star's dressing room.

Eyelyn had transformed her son's girlfriend from a simple little high school girl into a gorgeous woman with Judy Garland eyes and a Vavoom figure. Bill stood there gawking with his mouth open.  Pauline had morphed into a knock out, a pin up girl, as beautiful as any of his uncle's Maybelline models..... 

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