Monday, September 12, 2016

Entrepreneur's starting a business venture? Need inspiration? Read this guy's take on my book

Please be sure to click the link to BOWEN's article at the end, to validate my saying "Kudos" to Sharrie for featuring Jane, of/for Elle; it is a great OP for Jane's excellent recounting of the allure of femme fatale eyes. (So often over the years, Guys (maybe Gals) may have looked, but haven't seen!) OK, in terms of "Full Disclosure", I'm a male who was fascinated watching my late Vieja each early AM, take the extra time (for me???) while excellently penciling her brows, "sponging" on a light-blue-hued eye shadow, and using an Inquisition-like thingy to tweak/curl her lashes.

Be that as it may, "Maybelline...", The Book, is a must read....not for make-up techniques/tips, but for the nitty-gritty-grind of her "Great-Uncle" and Family in kindling the Allure of Eyes (surely helping to continue the propagation of the races as well as a bit of the economy...) "Maybelline..." is 'a page turner' as they say. Sharrie and Youngs have not typed out a boring history, but find ways to twist and infuse Reality...trip you off guard...with splashes of humor as well. It is especially an inspiration for Chicas, or Guys for that matter, who are starting out in any kind of business venture or even/especially encountering a low point!

Whether you are a pragmatist or into soapy stuff, it's the makings of TV series, IMHO. (Oh Oh! One can't but help to wonder, what casting Sharrie, as well as readers, might envision? LOL...Ya ya, Rob Lowe as Tom Lyle, but I'm thinking with a little "younging" touch-up, that Harrison Ford's twinkle in his eye, could beat any!?!?) 

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