Monday, September 5, 2016

Eye Makeup Trends by Decade: The Shadow, Mascara, and More That Ruled the Last 100 Years And the chic women who wore them.

Elle Magazine, Article by Jane Brown, September 1

The Icons: Mary Pickford, Bette Davis, and the Gibson Girl
Maybelline's namesake, Mabel 
Williams, 1915

The 1910s: A Sheer Wash of Color or Totally Bare  

Backstory: Makeup had its challenges at the turn of the century. It wasn't widely available:

 Mascara wasn't even invented until 1915, when Maybelline debuted a dry cake version that required water to turn into a paste-like consistency. The women who dared to wear it had to covertly shop at the equivalent of a speakeasy or go to one of the few apothecaries that custom-blended concoctions. It was far from convenient, and the only women wearing it regularly were screen stars and ladies of the night.
This was a decade of demure fashion and behavior, one in which ladies avoided even the slightest bit of sun (tans were considered as trashy as obvious makeup). Women who wore any color usually stuck with just a bit of blush on the cheeks and lips, and the bold few who put makeup on their eyes dabbed just a sheer wash of gray, brown, or yellow-colored paste on their lids.

click on the link below for the entire article in Elle Magazine by Jane Brown
 A lot changes in 100 years, including the space on and around women's eyes. From the first part of the 20th century to now, trends have ping-ponged between extremes ('80s makeup is still inspiring Halloween costumes, while the more demure decades were characterized by an almost nonexistent application). Not a centenarian yourself? See what you missed by clicking through.

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