Monday, October 24, 2016

Miss Maybelline's Beauty Secrets taught to me as a child

When Nana was a young girl, in 1915, she like most young ladies of her time, read a movie magazine called Photoplay, that revealed Beauty Secrets of the Harem, so to speak.  The secrets were homemade beauty tricks passed on from one generation to the next and were built upon as the ages unfolded. Nana and her sisters,Verona and Bunny learned the tricks, to make themselves as glamorous and alluring as the silent screen stars.
Nana's little protegee
I was indoctrinated into the Harem when at 5 years old, when Nana  made my eyes up and paraded me around my great uncle Tom Lyle's living room for applause.  From that time on, Nana became my mentor and I her little protege.

One of her delicious little secrets for depuffing your eyes "after a late night romp with Valentino" she'd wink, was TEA BAGS.
1953, Nana, my dad, my sister, Donna, Me and my Mom

Yes, just plain old black tea bags.  But there was more.  First you place two tea bags in a half cup of boiling water for about 30 seconds, just to get the tea moving.  Next, you  gently squeeze out the excess water and place them on a small plate.  Now stick them in the freezer until they are ice cold.  Lay down for half hour if possible but at least 15 minutes and meditate on how gorgeous you are going to look with your Maybelline eyes tonight.  Let me know what you think, I bet you will be begging for more of Nana's fabulous Secrets of the Harem.
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  1. Nana's Recipes? Don't forget Guera, you once shared a pic of yourself with a "male friend" of the era of your youth while frolicking at your last year's...OMG!...50th Culver City High's reunion! All I can say of that pic, is that Nana's "prescriptions" must be fantabulous as no way can I imagine you might have had to waste a penny on botox, let alone on "the knife" as a patient of the best 'plastic' Dudette/Dude on Rodeo Drive (let alone TJ) to keep your naturally maturing countenance!!!! As such, and if I may be so bold as to suggest, perhaps you might compile a list one of these days for the Blog (let alone a small booklet for today's Maybelline New York) of Nana's/Photo Play's/Your so named "Secrets of the Harem" if you still have 'em.
    Me? As a Dude, I don't scrub my face every night of its natural oils and, looking back, must've lucked out in having a companion or two, as you have related about as well, who brought joy and laughter along the way which slowed noticeable facial (at the most) maturing....LOL!

    1. thanks for the nice comment Bob. I learned Nana's secrets as a child and still use them. especially her homemade mudpacks. They are the best moisturizing masks on the market and made in the kitchen. Someday I may do a beauty book with all of the Harm secrets.