Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Did Amelia Earhart die a castaway after crashing on a Pacific island? (And, did she have Maybelline on board?)

August 23, 2012, I posted about "Finding the lost Aviator, Amelia Earhart's plane."  Now there is new evidence concluding the remains of a woman has been found, believed to be Amelia.  

Read all about it in the Sacramento Bee.

This 1941 Vintage Maybelline ad was produced just four years after Amelia Earhart's plane was lost and War was declared on the Japan. 

When I think about Amelia Earhart's plane crashing onto a reef off a remote island in the Pacific Ocean I can't help but wonder if her courageous Spirit wasn't there to help direct and protect our boys during one of the darkest hours in American history.  I know she still inspires me to dream bigger and bolder and go beyond my own comfort zone.  How about you?  What do you think about Amelia Earhart's incredible journey into the unknown with the heart of a Lion.

Some cosmetics found in Amelia's kit was Freckle cream, rouge and a broken mirror from a compact. Is it possible Maybelline was also on the plane.  If so this is what it would have looked like in 1937.

Here are two articles written in 2012, discussing the Recovery of Amelia Earhart’s Alleged Anti-Freckle Cream Triggering New Search

this 2012 article discusses Amelia Earhart: 'Beauty kit' found on desert island in Pacific. One could certainly imagine Maybelline being in her kit.

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