Monday, November 7, 2016

5 Essential Fall Beauty Tips that promise to keep you looking and feeling fabulous all season.

Fall is a gorgeous time of year with vibrant colors and crisp, cool weather. Changing seasons means changing your beauty routine. This can include new makeup colors, a different hairstyle, and a recharged skin routine. The following are 5 essential beauty tips to make sure you're looking your best this fall.

1. Upgrade Your Skin Routine
Transitioning from summer to fall means changing your skincare routine. The cool, dry air in autumn means moisturizers should be used more often. Light lotions and creams should be traded for those with a thicker, richer formula. Don't forget, however, to make sure sunscreen is still a part of any moisturizer or makeup you wear during the day. Harmful rays from the sun can damage skin year round. 

2. Give Your Hair a Boost
Changing your hair can provide a major change in your appearance for the fall. Instead of golden highlights, autumn is the time to experiment with rich auburn or deep chocolate colors. It's also a good idea to give your hair a deep conditioning or hot oil treatment. Taking care of damage from months of saltwater, chlorine, or sun damage will leave hair looking fresh and pretty for the fall. 

3. Switch to Deeper, Richer Colors
Fall is the time to trade coral and fuchsia lipstick for deep reds and burgundies. Those who want to make an even bolder statement can try colors such as merlot, purple, and almost black. Warmer, darker hues should be used across the board, especially for lips and eyes. As the holidays approach make sure to incorporate jewel tones into your makeup routine. Finally, black eyeliner and lush mascara are a must for beautiful eyes this fall.

4. Change Your Scent
Don't forget that your perfume should change along with the season. It's time to put away your tropical and fruity scents. A stronger, even spicier scent is perfect for crisp fall weather. Most scents don't last as long on dry skin so it's important to remember to both moisturize your skin and add a bit more fragrance when weather becomes cool and dry. If you regularly wear a scarf around your neck during the fall don't forget to spritz it before leaving the house.

5. Repack Your Beauty Bag
Whether you normally carry a small makeup case or simply pack a few items in your handbag, cooler weather will require different beauty essentials than those used during the summer. A small bottle of hand lotion is a must for fall. Along with your favorite lipstick it's also important to make sure you always have a container of lip balm. This will keep lips soft and chap-free during the cooler weather.


  1. RE your # 4 consult of 'Change your scent': Indeed, that is most intriguing. Alas Sharrie, while you are referencing "seasonal" for Gals, I confess I, on occassion as a Dude, dab on a little Old Spice given it "seemed" to bring success back in the wonderful days of being a Teen, so it should thus "work" on Chicas of...ahem..."an age"....No!? Oh my gawd, I'm even squeezing out the last drops of a bottle of POLO an ex gave me one Christmas!!! How gross is that!? Say, what season would Tweed be in for Gals? What scent do you propose for Today's Man?
    Re reference to hair...have been keeping the standard "part"on the left akin to Ad Men. (Somethings ya shouldn't tinker with...e.g. bangs for Gals.) Boy am I sounding stodgy, but at least you didn't get down into the weeds about Tats, let alone horizontal v vertical 'en vogue' tears/rips in faded jeans!
    How about full beards? Pepper? or do you know of a non-allergenic "shading" brand to be used?
    Indeed, in today's hustle n bustle for many, we do get into ruts and your highlighting options for Basics for Gals of all ages, not just Millennials, is 'right on' as we enter the Dark Season time of year which definitely needs some beautiful sparkles for relief.

  2. Just put some low lights in my hair. It does look more elegant for the the holidays. When Spring comes I will add more blond and Summer will be light with a little streaking of dark. I'd wear a tweed coat with jeans now. Very classy with boots. I remember Old Spice in High School. I loved dancing with guys who had the scent of freshly ironed shirts, cigarettes and Old Spice. Strange, but true.

  3. Whao..."low lights". Never heard that...had to Google it! Aah the many more mysteries of today's women! Certainly I've always been appreciative of their "efforts".
    Ooops, should have been more specific about Tweed. T'was a scent perhaps more popular "back east". I never knew this while dancing at a record hop way back when, but have since read: "...its captivating earthy-woody mystique, the floral notes within, add an intoxicating feminine touch..." . As such, perhaps you would agree, it would make a synergistic match with...yes...a tweed jacket, especially if fitted or giving that illusion even if unbuttoned. Indeed, imagine the sharp textural contrast of (rough?) tweed with a cashmere sweater as such a jacket/top combo contrasting nicely with Everydayman's dark, bluejeans tucked into tan, mid-calf, leather boots*, albeit not Uggs...LOL Wait! Better than cashmere, I'm thinking a silky flowing, cowled blouse of a shade of Thanksgiving-Pumpkin sorta like this in style or , i.e. allowing for your signature string of pearls. Picturing yourself, what ensemble could go better on a raw, foggy eve in Newport Beach when pulling up to valet at your Fav eatery in your '77 Clenet...i.e. not knowing what you "burn rubber" in/with today?
    (*RE Boots: Sunday morning, I had to chide Maria Bartiromo, you know, of Sunday Features on FNC with a Tweet, that, unlike "white gloves", at the least, being de rigueur at a Catholic Charity dinner with Hill, Don, and the Archbishop boots... on a a dress/skirt she wore Sunday...look, IMHO, klunky/cloddy!)