Monday, May 15, 2017

a fluke turned a simple idea into an international sensation by a 19 year old boy

The Maybelline Story centers on the life of Maybelline Cosmetics founder Tom Lyle Williams, and his family, during their time in Kentucky, Chicago and Hollywood.


Tom Lyle Williams wanted every woman to be able to afford Maybelline at a sensible price. The Maybelline Story captures the readers imagination while spinning through a century of history.

A fun look at the early days of Maybelline advertising and the people behind the name who either are softened by the years or are made more brittle by strife. The Maybelline story is an honest interpretation, a true story of how a brand has become so deeply integrated into society.

The Maybelline Story pulls off the difficult task of creating distinctive voices of Characters spread across the last century. A moving emotional memoir with a moral lesson to be learned at the end.


  1. Great read, saw something on Fox32 this morning and then went looking!! Glad I did!! My dad started working there Oct 14 1935 and till he does in 71. Also met my mom who also worked there. She also enjoyed reading!!! Any more old Mabelline peeps our there. She has lots of mems!!!!

  2. Hi Lois, email me at I'd love to know more about your father and his time with the Maybelline Company. 1935 that's amazing. Did you read my book. hope to hear from you.