Monday, May 8, 2017

@5onlife interview with Sharrie Williams author of the Maybelline Story

Sharrie Williams is an award-winning Celebrity Columnist and author of The Maybelline Story. She is none other than Tom Lyle Williams’ great niece, the founder of Maybelline, which is now one of the most popular makeup brands worldwide. Tom Lyle revolutionized the world of beauty with his innovation of the Maybelline Cake Mascara and changed an entire industry. In The Maybelline Story she describes Tom Lyle Williams’ humble beginnings when he started out with his first creations for a darker, fuller eyelash look, inspired by his sister Mabel. In her honor, he named the company Maybelline which became a huge success over the years thanks to his keen business acumen and his imaginative mind for beauty products.
For over 35 years, Sharrie Williams has been very committed to spreading her great uncle’s legacy and reviving the history of the Maybelline empire by engaging in public speaking.Her affluent family enabled her to lead a glamorous lifestyle - “a lifestyle that had taken many generations to create”. 

Nevertheless, at some point, all went wrong. Her grandmother squandered all her money and was murdered. This incident was followed by a painful divorce when her child was only 5 months old and several hard years of struggling with personal troubles and recovering from addiction. She almost lost everything - but not her strength.

In the end, it turned out that these dramatic events were a blessing in disguise as her values changed into more meaningful ones since she worked hard to get rid of the image of the pampered princess. She turned the tragedy of her life to her advantage and became a self-assured, ambitious and capable woman with a fulfilled purpose in life.

Finally, she found the courage to attend the Vanguard University in California to take a degree in Psychology. In her later career, Sharrie Williams also completed studies in Screenwriting, Video Production and Public Speaking. The Maybelline Story became a huge success and has won Hollywood’s Best New Author - Honorable Mention and a Pulitzer Prize entry memoir among others. Furthermore, she has been featured in many online and print magazines worldwide as well as on television programs such as Good Morning Arizona and CBS California. More than 3 million people have registered at Sharrie William’sblog

Experiencing the rise and fall of a dynasty, Sharrie has lived a colorful life and learned how to press on despite several setbacks - this makes her an incredibly inspiring woman for our website. In our interview, she expresses the true meaning of beauty and gives us an insight into the secret success of Maybelline.

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