Saturday, September 2, 2017

Have you tried Maybelline's Brow Drama Pomade Crayons. my review.

Brow Drama is my new favorite Maybelline product. It's an Eyebrow Crayon.  Ultra creamy, super easy to use, slides on without having to be precise and as always you can't beat the price.

 I have very light, sparse brows and this works like magic.  Its ads just enough color and shape to my light features. there isn't a large variety of colors, but I love the blond.  It's subtle yet adds a touch of drama. Once I apply it I use a little mascara wand to make it look more natural.

If you just want to darken your brows with just a hint of color like me or you want to add more crayon to fill in sparse areas, you'll love this product too. You can buy it online from Amazon or at any drugstore for between $7.00 and $10.00

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