Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Why the Hollywood Film Industry left California. Sharrie Williams author and commentator discusses this on American Narratives with host Al Amid

There is some good news. Several TV projects have been approved for tax including TV’s Scream Queens, HBO’s Ballers, Lethal Weapon and Lucifer, which filmed its first two seasons in Vancouver but is relocating production to Los Angeles. Netflix as well plans to film in in LA now.

6 minute video from American Narratives Radio Show 


  1. Say Hey Sharrie...RE Hollywood: If I may supplement the interview Chica: New Mexico, albeit one of the poorest states in the Union, had the good sense a few years ago to take advantage of its varieties of enchanting sceneries, weather (including 310 sunny days, let alone "dry" heat), and a plethora of beautiful women for "extras", and explore reviving its movie/video making as a desperately needed source for revenue/job enhancement by trading 'incentives' .
    Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and the State have "Film Offices" assisting the various aspects of film/video productions. In addition, University of NM and the Community College have developed coursework to create a skilled/knowledgeable work force pool.
    Can't say NM preceded Hollywood, but it is not really a newcomer to that 'competition' as one of the earliest "films"...LOL... was by a Dude named Edison herein in 1898 (As an aside: An Isleta Indian once "kidnapped" Teddy Roosevelt as President! See paragraphs #5,6,7,8,9 )
    Whoa! back in 1937, the brother of a Hollywood movie producer, built the El Rancho Hotel smack dab on iconic Route 66 in Gallup, New Mexico as many Hollywood Celebs were out here primarily filming, but not exclusively, Cowboy & Indian movies in the '40s and '50s. Today, Folks, many of whom are Europeans "doing Rte 66", stop in to view the fantabulous lobby and especially the balcony that displays 40-50 autographed pics of e.g. The Duke, Ronnie, Bill (Bendix, Holden), Ida (Lupino), Liz, yada yada. Check the balcony above the lobby Elsewise, imagine Ronnie (Reagan), as having changed out of his cowboy chaps/boots/spurs into a white dinner jacket, carrying a gimlet over to the gloved hand of Jane (Wyman; i.e. BN ((before Nancy)) in a fiery scarlet taffeta, cocktail dress. Others who stayed there
    Alas, the Albuquerque museum just finished a temporary exhibit of mostly original movie posters, of the 800 movies or TV series that have been made, whole or in part, in NM e.g. a couple of Indy's "Raiders", Wild Hogs, The (recent) Lone Ranger, etc. or e.g. Longmire; Breaking Bad which attracts thousands of Folks worldwide to visit the City's backdrops
    What's been going on recently?
    ​ ​And then there is Albuquerque Studios which gives you a real​ doppelganger​ feel for being a dislocated Hollywood There is another small studio in ABQ​; one in Santa Fe​; and there is even an outside, western town​, movie set​.
    Alas, the Cost:Economic Benefit waxes n wanes, dependent on who does The Study. Be that as it may, there is a certain allure/cachet/mystique, that while you are sipping on a Margarita munching on chips n salsa on some outdoor patio, that so-n-so's Irish Wolfhound or Corki might come over to sniff your whatever or slurp your water!!!!
    PS: Yo Sharrie, Perhaps, if I may, you might consider relabelling "No Comment" as "Comments Welcomed" or "Click to make a Comment"

  2. Hi Bob, that is awesome information I didn't know about. Now that I think of old Westerns I can imagine the beautiful desert landscapes as being Santa Fe. Why not, I'm sure the dialogue included reference to being there. Thanks so much for the great feedback.