Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Olivia De Havilland ‘Feud’ Lawsuit; Trial To Start In November listen to Sharrie Williams Comments on her 6 minute video blog

De Havilland, now 101 years old wants to be remembered with “respect for difficult work well done.” Not as a gossipy back stabbing competitive, jealous Star. 

This isn’t her first Lawsuit fighting for what she feel is right. Her Lawsuit with Warner Brothers in 1944 made waves in Hollywood that still hold strong today.
Listen to my 6 minute segment with Host Al Amid, on American Narratives radio show. A lively discussion on why De Havilland filed suit with the producers of the miniseries Feud. 

As FX and the producers of Feud: Bette and Joan learned today in court, time waits for no one, especially if 101-year old Olivia de Havilland wants a speedy trial for her lawsuit over how she was depicted in the Emmy nominated series.

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  1. Too funny know my buttons to respond!
    RE The Feud (and its Cast of Thousands!): I do know I blathered with others at the end of Season 2, but swear I kept my hiatus with you...If not, pardon lest I repeat...LOL:
    Despite Susan Sarandon not being amongst my FAVs of female actresses (Sorry, IMHO "actress" is a respectful term), I thought she did a superior job trying to be a doppelganger for Bette Davis in comparison to Lange's effort RE Miss Crawford, given the caricatures I have in my head of both per having been "before my time". (Call me ticky tacky, let alone very shallow, but none of all of them (actual or acted) were, IMHO, glamours starlets "per looks" like those who Oh Say Kim Novak unofficially "previewing" Maybelline's Eyebrow Crayon(?) ; and who can forget what the Church of that era must've surely banned; Natalie Wood; Audrey Hepburn; maybe Bacall. No no no, we don't need Jayne/Marilyn/Bridget/Gina/Jane yada yada!
    Really, there was something "hard" about Bette and Joan that was "distracting". Remember "Bette Davis Eyes" Seeing this as a rerun as a "Tween?" of Claudia Raines' Eyes kinda done me in The Strand theater but especially seeing what surrounded The Kiss therein
    To be fair, in Davis/Crawford's prime time, they were coming out of the silent movie era where exaggerated (almost hysterical?) expressions and gestures were the means of communicating what was happening that carried over 'a bit' into their doing talkies and even everyday life. Dang, there were other (hilarious?) subtleties that I now forget like didn't Crawford take an adopted daughter to sit in Davis' booth at the renowned Brown Derby? Mamacita and Hedda Hopper were a hoot. OMG...actually, Olivia was only fuzzily in my memory banks. Be that as it may, it took me a couple of episodes to recognize Zeta-Jones was Zeta Jones!!!
    Alas, I'd be remiss, given I mentioned it elsewhere, to not note there's a Davis Bio titled Stardust in Amazon that gives a great picture of who Bette was and what she accomplished for women (and maybe a few guys) to stand on her shoulders in TinselTown. "Stardust, as noted, brings out BD's complexity of personality. It chronicles not only her life, but the challenges women faced in the "industry" as well as other venues one might choose "to make a living" in, versus being just a blond, Hollywood bimbo and could serve to inspire young gals especially to do whatever it takes to be what you will be no matter one's age...thus, hopefully earlier. Ya gotta love her 'late life' cavalier demeanor shown in interviews, versus being older simply as a 'bitch'. RIP BD, TQ"
    (PS Sharrie: Hope you are elsewise, e.g. with your Sis or someone, going to see Rieu )