Monday, October 23, 2017

When your tube of Maybelline Mascara starts to dry up try this trick

I found this article in Allure and I had to post it on my blog. I usually throw my dried up tubes of Maybelline Mascara away, doesn't everyone? But, now I will look forward to using this trick to make my sparse lashes look like I'm wearing False Lashes.  Click on this link to see how to do it. 

"I anticipate those last couple of swipes of mascara. The second the formula begins losing moisture is when I really start enjoying a mascara; if you ask me, that's when it's at its peak of usability. In fact, this is when my friends start asking me if I've gotten lash extensions. "No, it's just dry mascara," I'll tell them." 

Article from Allure

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