Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Beautiful Skin is just as important as having beautiful Maybelline eyes. 5 Amazing Ways to Reverse Crepey Skin

If your skin is thin, wrinkled, and it resembles crepe paper, then you’re probably a victim of crepey skin. It’s a result of your skin losing elastin and collagen. Although it’s common to develop loose skin as you grow older, sun damage is often the real cause of crepiness. 

Over time, the UV rays coming from the sun break down collagen and elastin in your skin, thereby preventing it from repairing itself. The result is the skin that looks finely wrinkled just like crepe paper.

It’s worth noting that people with fair skin are more susceptible to crepiness as their skin produces less melanin, a pigment that safeguards your skin from UV radiation. The worst part? It makes you look older than your years. 

Fortunately, it’s not something you have to embrace as part of your life. There are a lot of things you can do to minimize or prevent loose, wrinkled skin. In this article, we’re gonna share some amazing ways to reverse crepey skin. 

Wear Sunscreen

Since sun damage is the leading cause of crepiness, it’s no brainer that wearing sunscreen could help with this problem. That being said, it’s crucial that you invest in a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Ideally, you should look for something with an SPF rating of 15 or above. Better yet, aim for an SPF level of 25 or higher.

This is because broad-spectrum sunscreens are capable of blocking both UVA and UVB rays. And we cannot say the same about sunscreens with a low SPF rating as they do not provide enough sun protection. 


Hydration is the secret to healthy skin. No matter your age or skin type, it’s always important to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. And when you’ve got crepey skin, it becomes even more important. 

Keeping your skin hydrated can help prevent skin tears and dryness. This ultimately prevents crepiness from exacerbating. Look out for creams that contain hyaluronic acid, glycerin, etc. In addition to keeping your skin hydrated, these ingredients also calm irritation. 

Body Lotions

Certain ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C can increase skin elasticity and boost collagen production. Therefore, it’s wise to invest in products that contain such ingredients. Look for lotions and creams for crepey skin that stimulate the production of collagen and improve elasticity. 

Hyaluronic acid is probably the most hydrating ingredient out there. So, if your lotion contains this ingredient, then there's a very good chance the product will work for you. 

Eat Healthy

They say you’re what you eat and it’s true. If you’re eating healthy, you’re going to have healthy skin. To reduce the chances of developing crepiness, eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. 

Eggs, fish, leafy green vegetables, nuts, etc. are some of the foods you should consider adding to your diet. Maintaining a healthy diet would have a positive impact on your skin health. 

Use Gentle Skincare Products

Skincare products containing harsh ingredients have the tendency to strip the skin of its natural oils. They cause dryness which can worsen the symptoms of crepey skin. Therefore, you should always use gentle skincare products. 

Also, you should look for hypoallergenic formulas as they’re safe for sensitive skin. Irritation, itchiness, and redness are some of the things you’re better off when you’re dealing with crepiness. 

In addition to this, you should consider exfoliating your skin once a week. This will increase cell turnover and remove dead skin cells. This will ultimately reveal thicker and younger skin. 

That’s about it! Following the tips mentioned above, you can improve the appearance of crepey skin. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below. 

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