Monday, March 31, 2014

My guest blogger, YouTube Personality Kathryn A. Fisher, tells The Maybelline Story and gives a great Tutorial

I am a 56 year old makeup junkie with a ton of ideas to help baby boomers look fabulous! I will be producing videos about skincare and makeup aimed at my fellow over 45 crowd with an eye for bargains...I will also do DIY beauty and pretty cool giveaways. : ) I've lately been doing what is known as a "Docutorial", a combination of a documentary of the cosmetic brand and a makeup tutorial.

I've got loads of experience from using makeup throughout the years. I am a true victim of five decades of fads and makeup mistakes. Experience comes in handy!
I should get credit for the sheer guts to appear on YouTube without makeup on for my tutorials! lol
: D
I look forward to meeting new virtual sisters (and brothers)here. We can all learn from each other in this wonderful beauty blogging community!

Kathy A's: MAYBELLINE History and Full Face Make Over !

Thank you Kathy for making this wonderful video of The Maybelline Story along with showing everyone how to apply Maybelline New York's products today.  I learned a couple new tricks myself and though I still love Maybelline's Great Lash, I will try Maybelline Rocket Mascara  asap.  Your YouTube Channel is great and I love your voice and camera persona.  Your voice is so calm and pleasant and your demonstration easy to follow.  Great  job!  I'm a subscriber now!!!

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