Thursday, March 27, 2014

Press Release ...Award Winning Toastmaster Sharrie Williams shares her Maybelline Story

Press Release
Award Winning Toastmaster Sharrie Williams shares her Maybelline Story

Menifee, California, 27th March 2014: What started as small and family-owned business went on to become one of the largest and well-known cosmetic giant in United States. The Maybelline story set's trends from the sidewalk to the catwalk, bestowing their love for fashion and dynamic colors in the lives of women all over the globe, They have empowered women to create new looks, make a glorifying statement, flaunt their individuality and showcase their creativity. The Maybelline family has always inspired women to feel beautiful and worthy of admiration. Motivated and inspired by established women, Maybelline provides a revolutionary and trendsetting palette of shades that are viable for every woman irrespective of color, creed and ethnicity.

Come one come all to the Perris Valley Historical Dinner that will feature our special guest of honor, Sherrie Williams from the Maybelline Cosmetics family. She will enlighten us with her family history and their beautiful journey of transforming and inspiring women all over the world. Sherrie Williams will be talking about the rich cultural and business tradition of her cosmetics family on the topic ‘100 Years of Maybelline’. She has already inspired many women around her and across the globe with her encouraging words and shared her beautiful memories that push a woman to dream big for herself.

Her blog The Maybelline Book at has registered more than 3 million people from Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine and other nations. She has spoken to various online and print fashion magazines and is now waiting to talk to the people of Manifee, California. Prepare yourselves for an eventful evening as Sharrie Williams unfolds The Maybelline Story along with epoch and vintage pictures, cut outs, Maybelline ads and her family photos from the nineteenth and twentieth century on the huge screen at the Motte Classic Car Museum.
The Motte Classic Car Museum will welcome you with decades of historical information...from the vibrant and vivacious 20s to the nifty 50s. The museum’s interior covers king-size nostalgic pictures, an art deco cinema along with a 1950s malt shop diner.

Maybelline Overview: Created and founded by 19 year old Tom Lyle William in 1915, Maybelline Company is one of the largest cosmetic giants in United States. Tom Lyle was inspired by his Sister Mabel who used Vaseline with charcoal to highlight her eyelashes for a fuller look. He renamed the eye makeup he invented as Maybelline to show respect and honor his older sister Mabel. The company roped in famous celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Zhang Ziyi, Jessica White and Sheetal Mallar as their brand’s face. Maybelline has a gamut of products ranging from makeup products for eyes, nails, lips, face to beauty accessories like combs, removers, brushes and curlers.
Guests will be served a delectable buffet dinner.

RSVP by 25th March for convenience or pay at the door.
Contact Person for tickets and more information: Katie Keyes
Contact details: 951-956-9081

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