Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hollywood - the perfect place to blend in - during, the 1930s.

Tom Lyle and Emery stood out too much in Gangland Chicago, during the Depression. 

My father, Bill Williams with his mother, Evelyn, his uncle Tom Lyle and Emery Shaver in Chicago, 1934.

Tom Lyle's father TJ, concerned about young Bill's safety, asked Tom Lyle and Emery to leave Chicago and move to Hollywood, where they might blend in better.  He worried that the flashy car and fancy clothes, fostered too much attention and endangered the child they were often seen with. 

TL took his father's advise and moved to Whitley Heights in the Hollywood Hills, and bought the Villa Valentino.  The next year, Preston, Evelyn and Bill followed.

Read all about it, in The Maybelline Story and don't forget, the book makes great Holiday gifts.

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