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Tribute to Hollywood Photographer, Carlyle Blackwell Jr and his collection of spectacular racing photos. 

The whole photograph (below,) first appeared on the
cover of Sports Car Illustrated in February 1957 with a
masthead that reads "Carlyle Blackwell shot this
Ektachrome of a pair of competition Jaguars booming 
through the night." Read the whole story at..... ArtTidesco blogs on all things motoring.

This photograph appears to have been taken in the 

studio by Carlyle Blackwell around 1956/57, when he 
was the owner of the red #18 C-Type XKC 007 which he 
raced between 1955 and 1957. The #54 D-type is thought 
to be XKD 531 owned and raced by J Douglas......Art 
Tidesco Blogs all things motoring.

Photo taken by Hollywood photographer and racing driver Carlyle Blackwell known to take pictures of both track action and unusual 'studio action.

Bill Devin and his 1953 Farina bodied 3-liter Ferrari Coupe....."This Ferari was Road & Track's cover car for July 1955. Although an attractive girl appeared with the car on the cover, I had asked Carlyle Blackwell (the photographer) if he wouldn't mind taking one with me standing next to it. This same car was driven by Phil Hill and myself at I believe the Maderia Race Meet in 1953. I held my own in the event I had raced, but Phil took a first in the Main Event."  Read the whole story at Bill Devin's Early Ferraris
Top sale of the event went to the 1956 Jaguar D-Type
Sports Racer at $3,740,000. Recently restored by Cavallo
Motorsports, chassis XKD-528 was driven by Ken Miles
and Carlyle Blackwell to victory at the 1958 Ponoma Six-
Hour Enduro and it retains its original, matching
numbers engine. The sale of the D-Type marks the third
consecutive year that Gooding & Company sold the
top-selling car of Scottsdale Auction Week.
Read all about it at Sports Car Digest.

Bill Polack seen in this photograph by Carlyle
Blackwell, confirmed as having to be at Pebble Beach by 
Bill himselfis known to have driven the car at least 
twice in 1956 during which time chassis acquired the 
nome de course ‘Stovebolt Special’. 
Read it all at

West Coast Spyder – Porsche 550
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It looks like Carlyle Blackwell Jr. loved fast cars, gorgeous women...and was himself quite a Renaissance man in the 1950s.  All I know is, he photographed some beautiful Maybelline ad's in 1949 and his style will forever be remembered in the Maybelline archives.

I feel a special bond with Carlyle Blackwell Jr, because my father Bill Williams, my cousin Chuck Williams aka BB1, my cousin Jerry Westhouse and my great uncle Tom Lyle Williams all owned, collected or raced some of the most outstanding automobiles in the world. Check out my past posts on these amazing men and their cars. 

                                                                BEACH BOYS 409

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