Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Never before seen photos of Maybelline Heir, Bill Williams, Palm Springs Estate, Casa de Guillermo

Marie Dressler
My father, Bill Williams, beautiful Estate Casa de Guillermo, was built for Silent Film Star Marie Dressler in 1929. It was a showplace where stars like Jean Harlow and others, stayed during Palm Springs Hollywood Hay Day, in the 1930's. My father bought the 2 acre property in 1973 and planted 50 Palm Trees, fruit trees and lush green foliage to create a spectacular Garden of Eden Sanctuary.  The property was hailed as Palm Springs most Beautiful Estate and featured on Palm Springs map of the city.  The film Goodbye Norma Jean was filmed there in 1975, followed by several TV shows. George Hamilton, Kirk Douglas, Liberace and Elvis Presley were some of the neighbors living close by in Old Las Palmas. The home was also used for Political fundraisers in the 1970s.  By 1980 after my father married his 3rd wife, Gloria Rosan, the property was closed to the public so our family might enjoy 30 wonderful years making memories.  Sadly, because of my father's failing health, his estate was sold in 2004.  He passed away 18 months later.  The new owners didn't appreciate the historical value of the property and had it destroyed to rebuild a sprawling modern estate. Here is what the grounds looked like as you entered through the iron gates.

2002, Gloria meets guests at the gate with little
Maybelline in her arms.

As you drove through the gates, the smells of honey suckle and orange blossoms lifted you out of the city, while heavenly colors transported you back to 1930s Hollywood.

Mexican pavers added more color, drama and glamour while the overwhelming beauty captivated your soul.

A classic car enthusiast, Bill Williams, collected and stored 12 of his automobiles in two separate garages on the grounds.  This is one reason he bought the estate...

for the garage space.

The 1968 TR6, 69 Rolls Royce, 1961 Limo, and
 1915 Model-T truck.

Gloria's car parked at the doorway of
 Casa de Guillermo.  A nice feature for arriving guests,
 who never got caught in the rain while packing or unpacking their car.

There were 3 gates on the estate.  One leading in,
 one leadng out and one receiving guests who parked outside on the street.
From the garage, leading to the entrance of the home.

Little parking alcoves allowed guests to park,
 without interfering with the beauty of the landscape.

My dad bought his Clenet, # 13 for Gloria's Birthday in 1977 and after his death it has remained in our family for the last 7 years.  We had it cosmetically restored to it's original glory 2 years ago and have enjoyed showing it a the La Quinta and Santa Barbara Concours.

  The car is now up for sale and can be seen at

Stay tuned this week as I walk you around Bill Williams Stunning Casa de Guillermo.

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